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Hokusai (1760〜1849) is one of the most renowned Ukiyo-e painter of the Edo period in Japan. The world famous “The Great Wave” is a piece of artwork from “36 Scenes of Mt.Fuji”. Hokusai himself did “Tatebanko paper sculpture”in those days and we are celebrating this well-known masterpiece with our owninterpretation. Hokusai Tatebanko remix !

葛飾北斎 Katsushika Hokusai (1760 〜 1849)


Glue #1 to #1 place on the base. So as other # numbers. #2 to #2 etc.
Place and glue box spacers between 6 & 7, 7 & 8 to keep them separated from each other.
Attach a support to the back side of #7 for stability.
Glue corresponding parts to the side wall at the same time.
10•12•14•16は、土台の裏面(底面)に貼り付けてください。15 2/2•1/2 は前面のフレームの裏側に貼り付けます。
Glue tabs of #10•12•14•16 to the outside, bottom of the base. (tabs should be visible on bottom of base)Glue tabs of #15 2/2•1/2 to the inside of front frame. (tabs should not be visible from outside)
In case you fail in cutting detailed points of the wave, cut that part out as shown and replace it with spare part.

Secret のお勧めポジション。あとは自由に遊びましょう。
Here's suggested position for“secret”part. You may place it wherever you like, of course.