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A series of landscape paintings from his visiting stations along Tokaido, “Fifty-three  ̄”, brought the artist into prominence and this “Evening Snow” is a masterpiece from the series. This landscape of evening snow in the small village, Kambara, dramatically conveys the moment of silence with a Japanese feeling. No one has seen snowfall in this village for many years and the mystery is that Hiroshige visited this place in summer.

歌川広重 Utagawa Hiroshige (1797 〜 1858)


1は (貼り付ける前に) 丘がカーブするように癖をつけておきます。
Before gluing #1, give a curve to the hill as shown.
Glue #2 to #2 place on the base. So as other # numbers. #3 to #3, etc.
After gluing #4 & 5, place #2 under them as shown.
(#4 & 5, should overlap #2)
As pieces of #8 have alphabet letters, assemble them in alphabetical order (there are A〜D) first and then glue that finished part (#8) to #8 on the base.
Glue corresponding parts to the side wall at the same time.
11•13•16•18は、土台の裏面(底面)に貼り付けてください。17 1/2•2/2 は前面のフレームの裏側に貼り付けます。
Glue tabs of #11•13•16•18 to the outside, bottom of the base. (tabs should be visible on bottom of base) Glue tabs of #17 1/2•2/2 to the inside of front frame. (tabs should not be visible from outside)

Secret のお勧めポジション。あとは自由に遊びましょう。
Here's suggested position for“secret”part. You may place it wherever you like, of course.